Retail Initiatives

How This Benefits You

County Recycling provides corporations the opportunity to showcase their commitment to the environment, enhance their brand, generate new revenue streams and provide a convenience to the communities they serve.

Program Benefits

  • New revenue stream or redirect earnings to local nonprofit organizations
  • Enhance brand awareness
  • Showcase charitable commitment locally
  • Increases consumer traffic (being an official drop zone)
  • Reinforce your company‚Äôs environmental position
  • Removal of unauthorized recyclers from premises

Awareness Tools

  • PR to local media & government
  • Featured on nonprofits website (as a community supporter)
  • Social media marketing tools
  • Awareness ads in local papers
  • Promotional property banners
  • Showcased as an eco-friendly partner
non profit


  • Corporations
  • Retail Chains
  • Shopping Centers
  • Petroleum Companies
  • Local Businesses
  • Parking Management
  • Companies
  • Entertainment Facilities
  • Professional Sports
  • Teams
  • Office Parks