Giving Bus

Vision: Though our network of community partners, all individuals and families in need of support during emergency situations and in times of need throughout the New York and Connecticut areas, are provided relief to ease their immediate burden.

About: “Binny’s Giving Bus” is County Recycling’s community outreach initiative and the philanthropic arm of its textile recovery division. The Giving Bus is a collaborative effort of business and community ensuring the well-being of those experiencing financial hardships and those in need in times of natural or man-made disasters As a recognized non-governmental response partner, the Giving Bus works in unison with local authorities, government emergency management teams and respected help organizations. The Giving Buses are mobile dispatched support and relief units operating 365 days year.

The Giving Bus has three primary programs

  • Emergency Gift Card Relief Program: distributes community partner, provisional relief cards to displaced residents in emergency situations (fire, floods, etc.) and to individuals and families in need (through a local help network). This outreach program would be extended to include any police or fire or military families who lose a loved one in the line of duty and who reside in the communities they serve.
  • Disaster Support Services: works in conjunction with local and state government agencies in the collection and distribution of clothing/shoes etc. during disaster situations.
  • Apparel Distribution Program: provides winter clothing and business attire for employment re-entry to those in need. (through a participating distribution network, i.e. community help centers & shelters)
Giving Bus