About County Recycling

Purpose Statement

To be a conscience company, committed to providing positive value in the division of people, planet and profit. Seeking the awareness of our actions and implementing practices that benefit both human beings and the environment.

Our Vision

To provide outreach programs that distributes over $2,000,000.00 per year to local community causes and nonprofits. And through the process divert over 26,000,000.00 of textile waste from ending up in landfills. Additionally our "Giving Bus" initiative ensures that all men, women and children in the New York and Connecticut areas in need of support during emergency situations and in times of need are provided relief to ease their immediate burden. And that our Mayor’s Youth Recreational Scholarship Fund is incorporated in all municipalities throughout the communities we serve.

Corporate Overview

County Recycling is a proud environmental waste reduction company, built on the tenets of transparency, integrity and with a strong philanthropic and environmental foundation. We specialize in implementing and maintaining cause related textile recovery programs and events. These programs are designed to directly align retail brands and local businesses with the communities in which they serve. County Recycling also provides government with draft legislation, and consulting for the placing of textile collection bins within city limits.

For our Business clients; we design no-cost community outreach programs, designed to gain market share, enhance brand awareness and showcase charitable and environmental commitments.

For our Nonprofit clients; we provide a multi-leveled fundraising platform that increases revenue opportunities and enhances brands awareness.

For our Municipal & Housing clients; we implement custom designed sustainability solutions that meet environmental goals, lowers carbon footprint, saves money and provides revenue for resident or tenant help programs.